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I-10040 Leinì (TO)
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Company Summary: Induction heating systems

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In the course of Summer 2006 EMMEDI and SAET, two world-known Italian Companies in the field of Induction, have joined their forces to create SAET GROUP.

On the threshold of their 40 years anniversary they decided to merge and share an ambitious industrial plan to increase global presence on the markets and develop technological innovation with the aim to become the global partner for induction, able to assist customers in finding the best solutions, and supplying the most up-to-date products and services quickly and punctually, all over the world.

EMMEDI is now the Tube Welding and Annealing division within SAET GROUP, keeping a Trademark that has been a synonymous of quality and reliability of our product all over the world for so many years. SAET GROUP is strongly convinced that the attention to the fundamental processes of the production system, such as Innovation, Quality and Service combined with a solid financial structure guaranteed by experienced partners, will allow to increase the satisfaction of actual Customers and to gain the trust of new ones.

Emmedi - SAET Group is listed under these Product Codes:

» Bright Annealing Furnaces 516   » Electro Resistance Welding (ERW) 682   » Heat Treatment Equipment 690   » High Frequency Induction (HFI) 680   » Induction Annealing Furnaces 686   » Induction Heaters 565   » Induction Welders 566   » Normalising Furnaces 577   » Quench & Temper Equipment 592   » Seam Normalising 609   » Annealing Furnaces 506   » Continuous Induction Annealers 532   » Stress Relief Annealing 618   » Annealing 1302   » Forging 1300   » Hardening 1301   » Stress Relief Annealing 618   » Tempering 1303  

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Indian induction partner for SAET and Emmedi
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Brazing corrugated tubing to stainless steel pipe and cap using UltraFlex Induction Heating
Brazing corrugated tubing to stainless steel pipe and cap using UltraFlex Induction Heating
Ultraflex Power Technologies, USA
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Easy as this: Reduce cleaning time by 70% and operating cost by up to 80%!
Alfa Laval Kolding A/S, Denmark
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