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Via Artigiani, 17
I-25030 Torbiato di Adro (BS)  
Tel: + 39 0307 451154

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G.B.C Industrial Tools S.p.A. is an Italian company, UNI EN ISO 9001 certified, with over 30 years experience, with worldwide sales & service network. GBC is one of the world leader in manufacturing of portable pipe cold cutting and/or bevelling machines, plate bevelling machines, pipe bevelling machines, all products for tubes, pipes and plates welding preparation.

We are a speed to market business model, our products & services enter energy plants, refineries, prefabrication plants, offshore facilities, shipbuilding and heavy industries every day for support scheduled manufacturing as well as critical or unscheduled shut downs. We are available for sale & rental of our equipments, have the ability to assist all customer for selection of GBC equipments which best suits their needs, as well as educating/train our customers on how to use our equipments. All parts for our equipments are manufactured inter-corporate, minimizing outsourcing, adding extra flexibility to our production system, with the result of transaction time reduction and maintaining possibility to manage critical manufacturing processes, peaks and after hours operations.

The welding preparation is the final stage of the manufacturing process, just before welding. Thru last few years the technology and automation of the orbital welding machines raised consistently and for being able to take full advantage of all the benefits of such automated process, a fast and accurate welding preparation is becoming more and more important, almost a key factor for the result of an acceptable welding joint. GBC machine are following, when not anticipating, this market requirements and every customer can experience that every day, using our equipments.

GBC Industrial Tools SpA is listed under:
» Bevellers 890  » Cutting 705  » Chamfering Machines 522  » Cutting Machinery 538  » End Forming 707  » Facing Machines 555  » Deburring Machinery 541  » Deburrers 780  » End Upsetting & Finishing 550  » Pipe & Tube Mills 584  » Saws (Tube Cutting) 605  » Polishing & Grinding 718  » Weld Band Removing 636  » Cutters 749  » Drying Ovens 545  » Torque Wrenches 882  » External Pipe Clamps 898  » Fabricating Tools 799  » Cutting Services 907  

Main products / machinery / services:
Portable pipe cold cutting and/or bevelling machines, plate bevelling machines, pipe bevelling machines

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