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Our headquarters is located in Mentor, OH., and we have three satellite offices. Our facilities are located in Chicago, IL., Houston, TX., and Ontario, Canada. For over 50 years, Roll-Kraft has excelled in designing and manufacturing Roll Form Tooling and Tube & Pipe Tooling for both Metal Roll Forming and Tube & Pipe producers worldwide.

Today, Roll-Kraft serves customers in more than 50 countries, relying on our well-earned ISO 9001:2008 With Design quality management certification to ensure that the very best Roll Forming and Tube & Pipe products are offered to the global and domestic markets. We continually review and test our capabilities to make sure that, as the marketplace and our customers advance, we can be there with the best solution.

Our most exciting challenges are driven by the continual progress of technology and new ideas formed by the industries we serve. Roll-Kraft also provides a full spectrum of services to Roll Forming and Tube and Pipe producers. One of the most effective services is the design of tooling using FEA Copra software to identify problem areas before manufacturing even begins. Also, we believe the materials and heat treating processes we use when manufacturing our Roll Tooling are superior to those offered elsewhere, which means we guarantee our tooling will last longer. In fact, we back our products with a 100% performance guarantee.

After the Roll Form or Tube & Pipe Tooling is custom designed and manufactured, Roll-Kraft can perform pre-shipment testing on the factory floor to be sure the products meet customer requirements prior to leaving the plant.

Roll-Kraft conducts several regional and in-house Roll Form and Tube & Pipe seminars through the year to help train operators and management in the proper techniques of tooling setup and performing preventative maintenance.

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Roll Form and Tube & Pipe Tooling, Training

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