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A-4644 Scharnstein
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Company Summary: Production lines for tube

Further Information:

The company ASMAG-Anlagenplanung und Sondermaschinenbau has its registered office in Almtal, in Upper Austria, nestling among the villages of Scharnstein and Grünau.

For over 20 years ASMAG has been supplying customers in the international steel and non-ferrous metal industry.

The share of exports is over 90 per cent. About 100 people are responsible for the planning and production of heavy duty machines and systems. As a result of years of experience and highly qualified employees, ASMAG is now one of the leading companies in the industry.

ASMAG gives the highest priority to optimum customer care and consultation, and even at the quotation preparation stage the sales department looks in detail at the needs and requirements of the customer.

ASMAG has considerable experience in the field of plant construction for the semi finished product industry. This has been put to the test many times in the worldwide implementation of major products for prominent customers.

The ASMAG supply and service program includes complete operating and plant plans, development and production of fully automatic heavy duty machines, and the modernisation of existing production plants.

The ASMAG divisions Engineering, Automation and Production work closely together so that the customer receives his system or installation from a single source.

Throughout the period the project is running, a project leader is available to the customer as a competent contact.

ASMAG GmbH is listed under these Product Codes:

» Run Out Tanks 601   » Pointers - Squeeze 589   » Saws (Tube Cutting) 605   » Spinner Blocks 613   » Straightening & Cutting 723   » Straightening 722   » Bundling Machines 517   » Bull Blocks 518   » Chamfering Machines 522   » Coilers 526   » Continuous Drawing 531   » Cutting Machinery 538   » Deburring Machinery 541   » Drawbenches 544   » Eddy Current Test Equipment 546   » Flying Cut-off Saws 557   » Flying Cut off Shear Type 646   » Handling Equipment 561   » Material Handling 573   » Pancake Coiling 579  

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