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  • Automatic multi-head cutting lines
  • Automatic packaging lines
  • Sawing machines
  • Deburring machines
  • Fully automatic chamfering line

We are a world leader company in producing cutting lines and complete bundling machines for tubes and metal. Our bundling machine can automatically pack tubes and profile in hexagonal, square or rectangular bundles: different models are available accordingly to the specific exigencies of every customer

Our machines can be place at the end of tube finishing line or off line.

The automatic process of our bundling machine is the following:

  • roller way to pick up the tubes from tube mill
  • the tubes are aligned in the machine
  • the bundle is made
  • the bundle is moved to strapping machine
  • the bundle is moved to weighting and dripping system
  • the conveyors take the bundle in the storage area

Since 1977, O.M.P. produces many type of cutting machine and multi head cutting machine Multi head cutting machines are designed and build accordingly to the exigencies of each single customer to have a big productivity of cut piece Our machine can be place in line of off line of the tube mill.

We built automatic cutting machine with circular blade, able to cut tubes, bars, profiles, ferrous and non ferrous material. All our lines could be equipped with loading systems (type CM, CS, CSM, P) We meet all costumer’s requests and adapt the machine to his specifical needs either in dimensions or special modifications We have different types of cutting heads that allow us to give the best solution for every material and kind of work. Our machines with automatic rotation of the cutting head controlled by CN ±60° can make the following type of cuts (see picture opposite).

Our cutting machines offer the possibility to add also discharge units, with different unloading position for different lengths, trim cut or rest pieces. We can add to the cutting machines also deburring machines for tubes, either automatic than manual, in different lengths.

OMP Srl is listed under these Product Codes:

» Pipe & Tube Mills 584   » Gas Fittings 422   » Deburrers 780   » End Forming 707   » Saws (Tube Cutting) 605  

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