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Hangzhou Zheda Jingyi Mechtronic Technology Engineering Co Ltd

3-4/F, 7th Building, Xiyuan 9 Road
Xihu Science & Economy Zone
Hangzhou 310030 
China (PR)
Tel: + 86 571 8502 2037

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Since 1993, we have been professional in finishing equipments for steel tubes and in marking equipments for hot billet, plate, slab and coil. With high quality and competitive price, our products and services can add outstanding advantages to your company. We will give you pleasant repayment with honest cooperation and individual services.

Main products: Length Measuring, Weighing, Pin-stamp Marking, Stenciling and Color-ring Painting System for Steel Tubes; Beveling Equipment for Steel Tubes; UV Coating and Curing Equipment for Steel Tubes; Ultrasonic NDT Equipment for Seamless Tubes; Saws for Steel Tubes; Tube Bundle Stacking and Strapping System; Automatic Bundling Machine for Tubes and Coils; Centering and Perforating Machine for Billet; Marking Machines for Hot Billet, Plate, Slab and Coil (by Stamping, Paint Spraying or Fused Metal Spraying); BOF Slag Skimming Equipment; Displacement Sensors; Liquid Level Sensors, etc.

Hangzhou Zheda Jingyi Mechtronic Technology Engineering Co Ltd is listed under:
» Bundling Machines 517  » Chamfering Machines 522  » Coating Equipment 525  » Marking Machines 572  » Measuring Equipment 574  » Weigh, Measure & Stencil Machines 635  » Ultrasonic Testing & Measuring Equipment 631  » Saws (Tube Cutting) 605  » Bevellers 890  » Stamping 1310  » Cutting Machinery 538  » Facing Machines 555  » Flying Cut-off Saws 557  » Punching Machines 677  » Sprayers 614  » Coating Equipment 703  » Packing 1314  » Drilling 706  » Cutting 705  » Cutters 749  

Main products / machinery / services:
Bundling machine, coating machine, chamfering machine, marking machine, saw, tube cutting, ultrasonic testing, weigh, leangth measurement, stencil machine, stamping machine