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CIMCOOL Fluid Technology offers a variety of products to fit your tool and pipe production needs, and all are backed by CIMCOOL's unparalleled customer service and guaranteed product performance. With manufacturing and sales offices throughout the world, CIMCOOL is a leading global supplier of the most technologically-advanced fluids available for use in many industrial operations. The company offers a comprehensive family of products that meet stringent performance, health and safety requirements for tube and pipe production, machining, grinding, stamping, drawing and forming.

CIMCOOL offers a free product trial, a no-hassle product guarantee and round-the-clock internet support. Technical Reports and MSDS sheets, available at, offer complete product specifications and valuable trouble-shooting and problem-solving information for typical concerns that may be encountered with industrial fluids.

CIMCOOL products - which include tube-and-pipe and metalworking fluids as well as specialty lubricants, cleaners and corrosion inhibitors - are proven to offer up to 300% improved tool life, and each must pass rigorous standards set by the company's four research and development labs before reaching market. The products are environmentally friendly and operator friendly, and they offer excellent rancidity control and a proven increase in productivity. CIMCOOL Fluid Technology is certified ISO 14001, ISO 9001.

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» Cleaning Chemicals 772  » Cleaning Lubricants 956  » Coating Materials 744  » Die Cleaning 787  » Drawing Compounds 791  » Greases 809  » Lubricant Coatings 825  » Lubricants - Wet 827  » Rust Preventatives 859  » Soluble Oils 869