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Company Summary: Beveling machines

Further Information:

Beveling machines have been made for many years now. If you look into the history of bevelingmachines, you probably will find designs of / and bevelingmachines older than 100 years. It is not that long ago, that Copier started to build beveling machines. It was about 10 years ago, just after the 2000 millenium.

Due to the expertise of Copier in building reliable, heavy duty machinery Copier succeeded in setting up a range beveling machines. For many years sold as PBM Beveling machines, Copier started in 2010 a redesign concerning bevelingmachines. At the end of 2010 Copier launched his new range of bevelingmachines, and gave it the name Beaver.

Because of the growth in knowledge of the market for bevelingmachines and beveling activities, costumers started to ask for more costum made solutions. Sometimes custom made solutions led to a new range bevelingmachines. With the Beaver bevelingmachines designed and build by Copier you will enjoy beveling pipes, and it will give you the right bevel to start welding.

As we all know, automation in welding is speeding up now and for that you need a bevel with a constant quality. With the Beaver bevelingmachines you will be able to get the bevel required.

Copier Steel- and Mechanical Engineering is listed under these Product Codes:

» Chamfering Machines 522   » Cutting Machinery 538   » Deburring Machinery 541   » Facing Machines 555   » Handling Equipment 561   » Material Handling 573   » Rollforming 740   » Second Hand Machinery 741   » Turning 629   » Bevellers 890   » Boring 702   » End Forming 707   » Rilling 720   » Turning 727   » Pipe Welding Tools 896   » Development Services 908   » Consultants 993  

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