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P.I.P.E Ltd, established in 1989 are the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist pipework fabrication tools and handling equipment for workshop or on-site environments.

Their range of portable precision pipe preparation/bevelling machines and portable pipe cutting equipment are used across the world in many industries including chemical, oil, gas and power generation.

Pipe Ltd is also the world leader in the supply of our extensive range of pipestands, pipe handling, rapid pipe welding alignment clamps and spider internal alignment clamps used for set-up in all types of pipework fabrication.

Cutting & Bevelling

P.I.P.E Ltd manufacture various models of i/d locking pipe bevelling machines ranging from 1/2" ID up to 20" ID. Along with various models of O/D mounted split frame clamshell pipe cutting and bevelling machines ranging from 1" up to 60" diameter pipe.

The bevelling and cutting machines in pipe ltd's range are capable of producing all of the standard weld preparations required, i.e. v-preps, j-preps and borematching on mild steel, stainless steel, duplex, superduplex and inconel wrapped pipes.

PIPE Clamps & Stands

P.I.P.E Ltd also manufacture an extensive range of pipe clamps, both I/D and O/D mounted, with models dedicated to reforming pipe to get the perfect alignment. Pipe stands that are fully CE rated and load tested, bench and floor mounted pipe supports and larg.

Purging Innovations

P.I.P.E Ltd have been supplying equipment for the purging of stainless steel pipe for many years, and have recently introduced the latest 'Triple Seal' purging systems. Designed to great reduce both gas usage and purging times, the Triple Seal system is rapidly becoming the welders choice when a high quality weld with no contamination is essential. The range starts from 1" with made to order special models available for up to 40" I/D.

PIPE Ltd have also recently introduced a revolutionary new range of purging equipment, including the E-Z Purge water soluble dam system, the E-Z Zone tape and the E-Z Wipes, designed to remove all dirt and dust particle prior to application. Pipe Ltd are now perfectly situated to supply the stainless steel fabrication industry with a complete purging solution

The latest Technology in Plate Bevelling

In addition to their extensive range of pipe working equipment, PIPE Ltd also supply a comprehensive range of Portable plate beveling machines. The Challenge series of machines offer self feeding machine finish weld preparations on plate thicknesses of up to 50mm, at speeds of up to 3 metres per minute!!

The latest addition to PIPE Ltd's Plate Beveling range is the EDGE 46. Using high speed tungsten inserts, this self-propelled machine will produce an astonishing 46mm bevel(45) on 60mm plate.

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