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CEIA specializes in high-efficiency induction generators that cover a large range of power and frequency. As a complement to our induction equipment, we manufacture control units and optical pyrometers offering closed-loop temperature control.

Our new SA series generators have been designed to continue CEIA's history of high efficiency as well as incorporate industry required flexibility. The built-in controllers offer temperature logging capabilities and can alert operators if tolerances are not being maintained.

Designed with an eye on bright annealing applications, the CEIA SA series generators are ideally suited for new installations or to replace older equipment. In replacement applications, energy savings can be substantial, greatly reducing operating costs by saving energy and reducing downtime.

The reliability of CEIA generators has been proven with thousands of installations worldwide in all induction heating applications.

If you have a new or existing induction heating application, contact CEIA USA today at (888) 532-2342 or to learn how we can work with you to meet your needs.

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