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ZI Les Bosses
F-26800 Etoile Sur Rhone 
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Founded in 1980, PROTEM designs and manufactures portable machining and welding equipment to meet the requirements of industries including nuclear and conventional power plants, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and oil and gas industries, naval construction, aerospace, food industry, boilers and tubes manufacturers, and in general, the requirements expressed by all the industries acting in fields where the quality of the weld end preparation is an essential condition.

PROTEM offers in his standard range: - Beveling machines - Tube squaring machines - Cold tube cutting machines (portable or bench mounted) - Surfacing machines - Beveling bench - High speed beveling and cutting machines (for prefab application and oil and gas industry)

PROTEM has also developed specific and high-tech machining and welding equipment.

These machines can be custom built to provide innovative solutions to our clients

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» Chamfering Machines 522  » Cutting Machinery 538  » Deburring Machinery 541  » Facing Machines 555  » Flanging 711  » Bevellers 890  » Cutting 705  

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