Ultraflex Power Technologies

158-2 Remington Blvd.
NY 11779 
Tel: + 1 631 467 6814
Email: sales@ultraflexpower.com
Web: www.ultraflexpower.com

Further information:
Ultraflex Power Technologies has been devoted to the design & manufacturing of induction heating and power electronic products for more than 15 years.

Our products utilize the latest in power electronics technology, and are used in a wide range of induction heating, melting & power conversion applications.

Ultraflex Power Technologies is listed under:
» High Frequency Induction (HFI) 680  » Induction Heaters 565  » Continuous Induction Annealers 532  » Seam Normalising 609  » Annealing 1302  » Hardening 1301  » Quench & Temper Equipment 592  » Temper Furnaces 622  » Casting Equipment 520  » Furnaces 559  » Furnaces Coil End 648  » Heat Treatment Equipment 690  » Induction Annealing Furnaces 686  » Induction Welders 566  » Melting Furnaces 684  » Welding Machines 637  » Induction Coils 962  » Development Services 908  

Recent news from this company:
UltraFlex brazing stainless steel to copper tubes within 9-11 seconds using Induction Heating
New demonstration by UltraFlex shows the efficiency of induction heaters for bore heating of steel pipes
UltraFlex induction brazing demo for copper, brass and steel proves the energy- and time-efficiency of the induction brazing process
UltraFlex induction heaters solder brass tube to galvanized steel pans within 25 seconds
UltraFlex successfully brazing aluminum rails radiators using induction heating
UltraFlex announces the release of their breakthrough SmartPower Compac Systems
Un-brazing and re-brazing copper angle brackets to copper strips at 760°C in less than a minute
Using Induction Heating to simultaneously solder two brass tubes to a brass water jacket assembly within 70 seconds
Brazing corrugated tubing to stainless steel pipe and cap using UltraFlex Induction Heating
Brazing of heat exchanger pipes
Induction braze copper and brass lap joint
Preheat magnetic steel strip with very even heating across the strip
Induction heating system delivered for automotive parts supplier
Soldering copper pins onto a PCB
Induction preheating of brass rods before hot forging