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Via del Progresso 28
Montebello Vicentino
I-36054 Vicenza 
Tel: + 39 0444 644811

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Further information:
Since 1962, SINICO S.p.A. is specialized in the manufacture of automatic cut-off rotary transfer machines that perform all the typical operations of chip removal metalworking machine tools. These include cutting-off, chamfering, facing, centering, turning, end and cross drilling, threading, tapping, milling, grooving, splining, etc. Press attachments can also perform many forming, bending and marking operations. Many types of part measuring and cleaning units are also available. Operations are usually performed on both ends of the workpiece at the same time.

The TOP 2000 CNC machine is the latest evolution of SINICO technology, based on concepts of flexibility, productivity, efficiency and experience. SINICO innovation, creativity and willingness to invest have provided the basis for ongoing research to improve customer satisfaction. In the CNC machine version, a PC based multi-axis motion control system manages the various machine units and the whole machining process. The machining programs can be stored and recalled for future reference.

Main Advantages:
- Great flexibility
- Improved machine performance
- Increased user friendliness
- Fast machine changeover
- Optimization of the cut-off and machining process
- Ready for connection to LAN and WAN communication networks
- Comprehensive on-line graphical diagnostic system
- Video display of maintenance instructions and drawings
- Teleservice interface with web camera available.

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» Deburring Machinery 541  » Chamfering Machines 522  » Cutting Machinery 538  » Facing Machines 555  » Saws (Tube Cutting) 605  » Chip Removal 523  » Threading - Pipe 624  » Turning 727  » Flaring 712  » End Forming 707  » Turning 629  » Threading 725  » Piercing 717  » End Upsetting & Finishing 550  » Cutting 705  » Forming 713  » Drilling 706  » Straightening & Cutting Machines 616  » Tapping 726  » Straightening & Cutting 723