Cagil Makina A.S

Ankara Yolu 5. km
PK 47, Corum
Tel: + 90 364 2350140

Further information:
Cagil Makina was founded as a family company in 1966 under leadership of Mechanical Engineer, Mehmet Cagil .

At the beginning, as a small workshop, it had only a few machine tools. Since then the main concern of this company is engineering projects and manufacturing machines which needs engineering.

It is located in CORUM which is a city 250 km. in the east of Ankara, the capital city of TURKEY.

Today, manufacturing is done under a closed area of 4500 m2 and there is a 120 m2 design office in which projects are done by means of CAD systems.

Besides we are manufacturing special machines, since 1983 we are mainly working for ERW pipe factories and since 1996 spiral pipe factories are among our customers.

Cagil Makina A.S is listed under:
» Chamfering Machines 522  » Expanders 551  » Hydrostatic Test Equipment 564  » Spiral Pipe Mills 654  » Threading - Pipe 624  » Facing Machines 555  » Bevellers 890  » End Forming 707  » Expanding 708  » Straightening 722  » Threading 725  » Roller Flatteners 599  » Decoilers 539  » Material Handling 573  

Recent news from this company:
Cagil Makina providing quality machinery to international pipe manufacturers