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Company Summary: Tube manipulation tooling

Further Information:

Engineering Technologies commenced its operations in 1985 in Australia, manufacturing for the local market and exporting to the UK, in view of its growing export market to the UK the company relocated there in 1998.

The Company manufactures a range of top quality tooling for tube manipulation under its �ULTRALUBE� trade mark including:

  • End form tooling � Expansion, reduction, flaring, dimpling
  • Bend tooling � Wiper dies
  • Perforation tooling
  • Casemaker tooling � mandrels, seaming chucks etc
  • �C� frame tooling

Compatible with most industry standard machines

ETM has been ISO accredited since 2000 and currently holds BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

As a family concern, the company prides itself on having more personal relationships with its customers and their flexibility means adapting quickly to the customers ever changing needs, they can work with you in developing tools to your specific requirements and carry a large range of standard tooling to ensure quick turnaround.

The company philosophy is that of continual investment and as such constantly updates its machining capacity to ensure its products are efficiently produced to the highest standards resulting in excellent quality, competitively priced tooling which not only does the job but looks good too.

Besides the UK, ETM currently exports to Europe, North and South America and look forward to helping you with your enquiries.

Engineering Technologies & Manufacturing (ETM) is listed under these Product Codes:

» Bending Tools 893   » Expanders 795   » Mandrels 828   » Jigs & Fixtures 819   » Roll Forming Tools 995   » Auxiliaries 1400   » Hermetic Seal 1401   » Reduction Tooling 1410   » Presswork Dies 849   » End Forming 707   » Expanding 708   » Expanders 551   » Flaring 712   » Punching 1311  

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