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Roll-Kraft provides cost justification and benefits of using a three-roll weld box
Roll-Kraft, USA

Take just a moment to analyze your current weld box. Is it costing you time and money to continuously calibrate and adjust it to provide a good weld... » More
Scarborough continues investing in the UK's engineering future
Unison, UK

Scarborough's precision engineering companies are organising another Scarborough Engineering Week for October 2011, following the success of the... » More
SME Industrial Co., Ltd.
Guillemin symmetrical coupling and half couplings NF E29-572 for fire hoses
SME Industrial Co., Ltd., China (PR)

The Guillemin symmetrical clutch is widely used in France and in Belgium by firefighters to couple fire hoses. It is also commonly known under the... » More
Orbitalum Tools GmbH
Boiler pipe preparation where space is at a premium
Orbitalum Tools GmbH, Germany

The BRB 4 series from Orbitalum Tools, developed for boiler applications with the lowest space availability, makes precise welding preparations... » More
Xiris Automation Inc.
Xiris appoints Sangen Corporation as Japanese Distributor for Tube Inspection Systems
Xiris Automation Inc., Canada

Xiris Automation Inc. is pleased to name Sangen Corporation as the exclusive Distributor of Xiris products for the Tube and Pipe Industry in Japan.... » More
IGM Trade Ilija I Dr.Doo
Expanding production of welded steel pipes
IGM Trade Ilija I Dr.Doo, Macedonia

Macedonian producer of welded steel pipes, IGM Trade, has expanded its range of welded steel pipes. The company’s new pipe line can produce... » More
CML USA, Ercolina® Inc
Rotary draw tube bender
CML USA, Ercolina® Inc, USA

The TB130 Top Bender model is designed to produce consistent quality bends in large diameter pipe, tube, squares, rectangular, solids and other... » More
Finishing line for copper tubes
ASMAG GmbH, Austria

ASMAG, Austria, a leading machine supplier to the non-ferrous metals and steel industry, has developed a new generation of finishing line for... » More
Zumbach Electronic AG
Non-contact in-line dimension measurement for tubes
Zumbach Electronic AG, Switzerland

Zumbach systems in the steel and metal industry are used for manufacturing hot and cold rolled products and in cold processes for semi-finished... » More
Sandvik Materials Technology UK
Sandvik demonstrates its development capability
Sandvik Materials Technology UK, UK

SANDVIK Materials Technology’s stainless steel and advanced materials offers comprehensive seamless tube and pipe product in keeping with its... » More
Ernst Blissenbach GmbH
Optimising tube production processes
Ernst Blissenbach GmbH, Germany

Ernst Blissenbach GmbH manufactures tools for the tubing industry that are designed and manufactured in-house and – if the customer so desires... » More
ThyssenKrupp Materials  (UK) Ltd
Dedicated laser welding line for orbitals
ThyssenKrupp Materials (UK) Ltd, UK

Tailored Orbitals® from ThyssenKrupp Tailored Blanks feature a function- and load-oriented structure precisely matched to the conditions in the... » More
LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen
Inline measurement of tube geometry
LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen , Germany

At Tube 2010 in Düsseldorf LAP presented laser systems for inline measurement of the diameter, straightness and contour of tubes. LAP for the... » More
Protem SAS
Portable outside clamping pipe facing machine
Protem SAS, France

The Protem OHSB-C 6-14 is designed to carry out bevels or compound bevels by copying. A carriage with hydraulic radial movement, mounted on the... » More
Tru-Cut Saw Inc
High performance tube cutting TCT saw blades
Tru-Cut Saw Inc, USA

Tru-Cut Saw Inc is now offering its Aggressor-XL line of thin kerf, carbide tipped saw blades for cutting tube, pipe and solid ferrous materials in... » More
Fontijne Grotnes Group
Pipe expanders
Fontijne Grotnes Group, Netherlands

Fontijne Grotnes is a specialist in the design and construction of pipe-end and full length pipe expanders for the pipe industry. The Fontijne... » More
Press-fittings manufacturing
EMS SA, France

EMS, France, produces a large range of tube processing equipment dedicated to press-fittings manufacture. From simple manual feeding end-forming... » More
Erne Fittings GmbH
Butt-welding fittings
Erne Fittings GmbH, Austria

Erne Fittings is a manufacturer and supplier of butt-welding fittings such as elbows, tees and reducers from 21.3 to 1,016mm (½" to 40") external... » More
Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG
German equipment installed at Chinese tube plant
Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG , Germany

Friedrich Kocks, Germany, has received an order to supply a stretch reducing block and a rotating hot saw, for the core of a new continuous... » More
Wolverine Tube Inc
Wolverine Tube and Wieland Group form global company
Wolverine Tube Inc, USA

Wolverine Tube Inc and the Wieland Group have formed the company Wolverine/Wieland Heat Transfer Technologies LLC (WWHTT), a joint venture of... » More
Metalworking machinery leader opened its doors at Scarborough engineering week
Unison, UK

The world-leading developer of tube bending machinery, Unison, showcased engineering as a career to Yorkshire students as part of Scarborough... » More
Interlinked drawing line for steel tubes
ASMAG GmbH, Austria

ASMAG, Austria, has finalised the commissioning of a new manufacturing line for steel tubes at Wiederholt GmbH in Germany. The new line allows an... » More
Pines Technology
Duo seal strategic cooperation deal
Pines Technology , USA

King-Mazon has announced it has successfully produced one of the biggest CNC cold pipe benders in the world with a maximum capability of tube OD... » More
Siempelkamp GmbH & Co. KG
Siempelkamp modernises large closed-die forging press
Siempelkamp GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Siempelkamp , Germany, has been commissioned by Alcoa Forging & Extrusions to engineer and produce the cast parts of one of the world’s largest... » More
Mair Research SpA
Complete finishing line for precision tube commissioned in Switzerland
Mair Research SpA, Italy

A 90mm precision tube finishing line, supplied by Mair Research Spa, Italy, has been successfully commissioned at Jansen, Oberriet, Switzerland.... » More
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