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Tracto-Technik GmbH & Co. KG
Tracto-Technik launches CNC mandrel bender for tubes
Tracto-Technik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

The TUBOTRON 60 CNC rotary draw bending machine is equipped with an exposed bending head, which offers maximum space for bending even complicated... » More
Developing and building annealing plants for tube
Kuhntec, Switzerland

Kühn Tec Switzerland has been developing and building annealing plants for the tube industry for the last 25 years. From the outset, the... » More
3R Software Solutions
Tube endforming and optimisation
3R Software Solutions, Germany

3R Software Solutions specialises in software for tube endforming as well as tube shop optimisation and has become one of the leading developers... » More
Alpha Metall GmbH & Co KG
Scarfing systems for welded tubes
Alpha Metall GmbH & Co KG, Germany

Alpha Metall GmbH & Co KG develops scarfing systems for removing the inside bead from longitudinal welded steel tubes. Alpha Metall has now... » More
Lessmann GmbH
Brushes used in tube construction
Lessmann GmbH, Germany

Lessmann, Germany produces technical brushes that are used for cleaning or treating working pieces and surfaces. A major application area is the... » More
Arvind Anticor Ltd
Anticor develops acid picking tank made from thermoplastic
Arvind Anticor Ltd, India

Arvind Anticor Limited, India, is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of acid pickling tanks made from polypropylene thermoplastic.... » More
NDT Technologies Inc
Ultrasonic testing
NDT Technologies Inc, Canada

Integrated, ultrasonic and eddy current testing systems for full body inspection of seamless and ERW tubes are manufactured and commissioned by... » More
Magnetic Analysis Corporation (MAC)
Non-destructive test systems using eddy current technology
Magnetic Analysis Corporation (MAC), USA

Magnetic Analysis Corporation (MAC) produces non-destructive test systems using eddy current, ultrasonic and flux leakage technologies with... » More
EFD Induction Inc
Introducing a control solution for weld seam normalising
EFD Induction Inc, USA

EFD Induction has unveiled a new control system for normalising pipe weld seams to API standards. Every pipe professional knows that weld seams on... » More
Felss Systems GmbH
Tube forming performance for safety parts production
Felss Systems GmbH, Germany

TUBE and Pipe bending and forming machinery expert Felss Burger GmbH, Germany, recently delivered another FU01- 50 tube-forming machine to a... » More
Politecnica Italiana srl
Afonat hydraulic squeeze pointers
Politecnica Italiana srl, Italy

Politecnica’s range of Afonat hydraulic squeeze pointers provides a complete technological solution for making the tongholds of drawn pipes.... » More
Multi-roll straighteners for tubes
ASMAG GmbH, Austria

ASMAG, Austria, a supplier to the steel and non-ferrous metals industry, has developed a new multi-roll straightening machine for steel tubes for... » More
ORT Italia SpA
New straightening machine from Italy
ORT Italia SpA, Italy

ORT Italia specialises in the design and manufacture of spline and thread rolling machines for cold, hot and semi-hot applications. The company... » More
Tubotron srl
New sizing, shaping and straightening section for ERW tube mill
Tubotron srl, Argentina

Tubotron Srl, Argentina, has introduced a new section with a special configuration of four stands inclined 45º, two to one side and the other... » More
Cartacci Srl
Innovations in straightening machines
Cartacci Srl, Italy

CARTACCI has been building machines for straightening tubes for 44 years, and in the last ten years has introduced a number of innovations in the... » More
Turner Machine Company
Small 10-roll straightening machines
Turner Machine Company, USA

Turner Machine Company, Inc is launching a range of smaller 10-roll precision tube straightening machines. The new range uses the established 900... » More
Shuster-Mettler Corp
Self-feeding, high speed straightener
Shuster-Mettler Corp, USA

Shuster-Mettler Corp, a manufacturer of tube, wire and shaped stock straighteners, has developed a series of self-feeding, high speed... » More
Turner Machine Company
World’s smallest computer driven tube straightening machine
Turner Machine Company, USA

As the outside diameter of tube gets increasingly small, the difficulty in rotary straightening slowly increases. Historically tubes with outside... » More
Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd
Grinding and polishing machines from India
Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd, India

Grind Master manufactures a wide range of centreless machines, from low cost LMCL models with fixed vertical belt heads to sophisticated FH series... » More
PMC Colinet Inc
Complete line of pipe and coupling finishing equipment
PMC Colinet Inc, USA

PMC-Colinet, a Park-Ohio Company, designs, manufactures and provides support services for a complete line of pipe and coupling finishing... » More
Schwarze-Robitec GmbH
Fully automatic machines for the fittings industry
Schwarze-Robitec GmbH, Germany

Schwarze-Robitec is a family-run manufacturer of tube and pipe cold bendingmachines. The company has developed special machines for the fittings... » More
SMS Elotherm GmbH
High frequency induction welding
SMS Elotherm GmbH, Germany

THE induction high frequency welding method is a key process technology for the production of ferrous and non-ferrous tubes with a diameter range... » More
EFD Induction Inc
Chicago area tube mills opt for EFD Induction Weldac
EFD Induction Inc, USA

EFD Induction has delivered two of its Weldac 600kW high frequency induction IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) tube welders to tube mills... » More
Ideal-Werk C & E Jungeblodt GmbH & Co KG
Strip welding machines for coil joining
Ideal-Werk C & E Jungeblodt GmbH & Co KG, Germany

Ideal-Werk is a manufacturer of coil joining equipment, and offers various models of strip welding machine for the coil joining operation. The... » More
Emmedi - SAET Group
Solid-state high frequency welder
Emmedi - SAET Group, Italy

Emmedi is the tube and pipe division of SAET Group, and specialises in induction welding and annealing processes. The company’s MosWeld is a... » More
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