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SMS Elotherm GmbH
High frequency induction welding
SMS Elotherm GmbH, Germany

THE induction high frequency welding method is a key process technology for the production of ferrous and non-ferrous tubes with a diameter range... » More
EFD Induction Inc
Chicago area tube mills opt for EFD Induction Weldac
EFD Induction Inc, USA

EFD Induction has delivered two of its Weldac 600kW high frequency induction IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) tube welders to tube mills... » More
Ideal-Werk C & E Jungeblodt GmbH & Co KG
Strip welding machines for coil joining
Ideal-Werk C & E Jungeblodt GmbH & Co KG, Germany

Ideal-Werk is a manufacturer of coil joining equipment, and offers various models of strip welding machine for the coil joining operation. The... » More
Emmedi - SAET Group
Solid-state high frequency welder
Emmedi - SAET Group, Italy

Emmedi is the tube and pipe division of SAET Group, and specialises in induction welding and annealing processes. The company’s MosWeld is a... » More
Th Wortelboer BV
Wortelboer introduces the new TPP 5090
Th Wortelboer BV, Netherlands

AFTER making a weld preparation, most pipes and tubes have to be polished in order to avoid pollution of the weld. As a result Th Wortelboer Bv in... » More
The Lincoln Electric Company
Lincoln Electric’s new Pipeliner 80Ni1 MIG wire
The Lincoln Electric Company, USA

The Lincoln Electric Company designs, develops and manufactures arc welding products, robotic arc-welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting... » More
Polysoude SAS
Orbital welding power source with 6 axes and auto-programming
Polysoude SAS, France

Polysoude’s launch of the P6 300 ampere mobile TIG welding system for tube assembly, using automated orbital welding, opens up new production... » More
Axxair SA
Global process aims to help to improve workshop efficiency for welders
Axxair SA, France

AXXAIR, which specialises in orbital cutting, bevelling and welding equipment, has unveiled the Global Process, a complete solution for... » More
Dreistern GmbH & Co KG
A tough choice: laser or HF resistance welding?
Dreistern GmbH & Co KG, Germany

In the majority of applications, carbon steel tubes are HF welded, while stainless steel tubes are welded using TIG or laser. Profile producers... » More
3R Software Solutions
3R Software Solutions optimistic about 2010
3R Software Solutions, Germany

While the impact of the global financial crisis can be felt throughout the industry, German software developer and consultant 3R is cautiously... » More
Felss Systems GmbH
Tube forming performance for safety parts production
Felss Systems GmbH, Germany

Tube and pipe bending and forming machinery expert FELSS Burger GmbH, Germany has delivered a FU01-50 tube-forming machine to a customer in the USA.... » More
Inductotherm Pty Ltd
Large stainless steel pipe annealing system
Inductotherm Pty Ltd, Australia

A division of Inductotherm Pty Ltd in Australia has recently supplied a large stainless steel pipe annealing system to a major Korean corporation, LS... » More
Graebener Group
Pipe machinery from a single source
Graebener Group, Germany

Many companies offer machinery for pipe production. Only a few can produce machinery for high-quality large pipes. And only a handful of them are... » More
DK Jones Ltd
New range from DK Jones
DK Jones Ltd, UK

DK Jones Ltd has responded to requests received from customers and has now added an increased range of high quality flanges in alloy steel to... » More
Roll-Kraft names roll failure indicators for tube & pipe and roll forming companies
Roll-Kraft, USA

A recent addition to the Roll-Kraft blog is an article on methods to use to identify and avoid the problems related to roll failure. No company... » More
UNIFIT Boru Baglanti Elemanlari Ltd. Sti
UNIFIT's product range
UNIFIT Boru Baglanti Elemanlari Ltd. Sti, Turkey

With Turkey now the world’s 11th biggest producer of raw steel, with an annual output of 25,8 millions tons, UNIFIT BORU BAGLANTI, the manufacturer... » More
Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited
Can-Eng commisions modular heat treatment system for high integrity aluminum castings
Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited, Canada

CAN-ENG FURNACES INTERNATIONAL LTD is pleased to announce the recent commissioning of a complete Modular Solution Treating, Precision Air Quenching... » More
Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited
Successful start-up of new railway axle forging plant
Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited, Canada

AXIS LLC (a joint venture between major North American rail car builders and assembly/parts providers) has announced the successful start-up of the... » More
Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited
Can-Eng receives contract for two rotary hearth normalizing furnaces
Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited, Canada

Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd, is pleased to announce a contract for the supply of (2) 10 tph Rotary Hearth Normalizing furnaces with Quench and... » More
T&H Lemont
T&H Lemont Hires Martin W. Byrne as Sales & Marketing Manager
T&H Lemont, USA

T&H Lemont is pleased to announce that Martin W. Byrne has joined the company as Manager of Domestic Sales and Marketing, reporting to John Hillis,... » More
Airmo Inc. Pressure Technologies
Testmaster® LPH Series Hydrostatic Test Tools ‐ up to 5,000 PSI (345 BAR)
Airmo Inc. Pressure Technologies, USA

The patented TestMaster® LPH Series tools are specially design to grip and provide positive sealing for plain end tubing. Having a safety spring... » More
Roll-Kraft identifies key factors that affect scrap on tube & pipe mills
Roll-Kraft, USA

Scrap issues cause frequent unwelcomed problems for all tube and pipe producers at one time or another. They can be costly and cause delays in... » More
Kent Corporation
ID Scarfing and Bead Rolling Systems
Kent Corporation, USA

Kent Corporation is now the worldwide exclusive distributor for Phoenix Tool, offering their full line of ID scarfing and Bead Rolling systems. With... » More
Kent Corporation
New Tube Scrap Chopper
Kent Corporation, USA

Kent Corporation has introduced a new Tube Scrap Chopper. Initial designs are for 2” and 3” maximum diameter tube. The heavy duty robust flywheel... » More
Get Technical Answers and Training Tips from Dr. Resolve
Roll-Kraft, USA

Dr. Resolve is a winner! Roll-Kraft’s website feature is getting ever more traffic from the interactive connection. Inquiries, problems, and... » More
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