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SMS Group GmbH
SMS Meer’s fourth L-SAW pipe mill in China successfully commissioned
SMS Group GmbH, Germany

A large-diameter pipe mill, supplied by SMS Meer, Germany, has been successfully commissioned at Zhongyou BSS Petropipe Co Ltd in Qinhuangdao,... » More
Guyson International Ltd
Improved precision cleaning from ultrasonic tank range
Guyson International Ltd, UK

SPECIALIST finishing equipment manufacturer Guyson International has recently upgraded its entire range of Kerry branded ultrasonic KS cleaning... » More
Pines Technology
Large diameter pipe bending solutions
Pines Technology , USA

TUBE bending specialist Pines Technology has announced a distribution agreement with Gregson Induction Benders Ltd (UK), a leader in Induction... » More
Fives Bronx, Inc.
Bronx/Taylor-Wilson awarded contract for tube straightening machine
Fives Bronx, Inc., USA

BRONX/Taylor-Wilson (BTW) has been awarded a contract for a customised 6CR11 series heavy-duty tube straightening machine for The Interpipe Group... » More
Superior Technologies Europe Ltd. (STE)
Superior Technologies Europe announces ferrite distribution deal
Superior Technologies Europe Ltd. (STE), UK

Superior Technologies Europe Ltd has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Mahindra Hinoday Ind Ltd to distribute their new HR4B ferrite... » More
Siddhi Engineers
Indian firm wins engineering awards
Siddhi Engineers, India

Siddhi Engineers, based in Chhatral, India, manufactures precision drawn aluminium tubes, rods and profiles and was formed in 1988 by mechanical... » More
RSA Entgrat-u. Trenn-Systeme GmbH & Co KG
Chamfering module passes the 2,000 units an hour mark
RSA Entgrat-u. Trenn-Systeme GmbH & Co KG, Germany

RSA has introduced a new high-performance circular saw called RASACUT XS that is designed for diameters of between 6 and 30mm and achieves high... » More
High performance metal circular saws
ASMAG GmbH, Austria

ASMAG offers a very wide range of machine concepts in the area of saws and cutters. The high-performance metal circular saws are used for... » More
Kent Corporation
High-speed saw and automatic deburring machine
Kent Corporation, USA

Kent Corporation’s new Bewo high-speed cold saw, model SCF-90, cuts one to six tubes simultaneously, providing cut rates of up to 11,000 per... » More
Tube Clean GmbH
Solution for cleaning inside of tubes and pipes
Tube Clean GmbH , Switzerland

Tube Clean GmbH is a Swiss manufacturer and distributor of equipment for hose, tube and pipe cleaning, providing complete and fully integrated... » More
Trumpf Inc.
TruTops Mark Navigator improves laser mark
Trumpf Inc., USA

TRUMPF’s TruTops Mark Navigator is the result of more than a decade of laser marking expertise and development. This interactive software,... » More
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited
Weld purging systems
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited, UK

A new range of purging systems has been launched by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques for welding stainless steel pipes up to 12" diameter that allows... » More
Reika GmbH
High-speed cutting
Reika GmbH, Germany

Reika, Germany, has announced an increase in sales of high-speed cutting centres for precise steel and stainless steel tubes. The machines are... » More
Maillefer SA
Forming and welding bench for composite pipe
Maillefer SA, Switzerland

MAILLEFER provides multi-layer composite pipe manufacturing systems for PEX AL PEX pipes. The Swiss company has recently introduced new aluminium... » More
Diamond Ground Products Ltd
Tube mill electrodes
Diamond Ground Products Ltd, UK

Diamond Ground Products, UK, specialises in electrodes for the welding process. Welders can spend thousands of dollars on welding equipment, but... » More
Measuring transparent products
SIKORA AG, Germany

Information about diameter eccentricity and wall thickness is important to manufacturers of hoses and tubes during production. With a measuring... » More
Emmedi - SAET Group
Solid-state HF welder
Emmedi - SAET Group, Italy

The EMMEDI & Annealing Division of SAET GROUP has installed an advanced MOSWELD solid-state HF Welder 200kW output power at ZPT JSC Bulgaria.... » More
Framag Industrieanlagenbau GmbH
New sawing machine
Framag Industrieanlagenbau GmbH, Austria

Framag has successfully installed and commissioned a KKS 800 billet sawing machine at Stahl Judenburg, Austria. The state-of-the-art sawing... » More
Unitherm Inductoweld
Induction welders
Unitherm Inductoweld, India

UNITHERM Inductoweld India Pvt Ltd, India, produces welding equipment for tube and pipe manufacturing. The company offers a wide range of solid... » More
Protem SAS
Portable machines for facing and boring
Protem SAS, France

SERCO’s on-site machining units are positioned and locked by means of a column/arm system resting on the outside diameter of the part to be... » More
Zumbach Electronic AG
Large-field diameter scanner with HLF tech
Zumbach Electronic AG, Switzerland

FOR the first time a measuring head is now available that offers highly accurate OD measurements of pipe and other products up to a diameter of... » More
Wide range of product-size changes in profile mills
SEUTHE GmbH, Germany

The flexible production of a wide range of longitudinally welded square and rectangular profiles is possible using the same set of tool rolls with... » More
Roll-Kraft offers quick and easy training for tube & pipe and roll forming industry
Roll-Kraft, USA

Roll-Kraft has created educational publications called “Profit Pointers” to allow tube & pipe and roll forming companies to instantly obtain... » More
Roll-Kraft provides worldwide seminars & services for tube & pipe and roll forming industry
Roll-Kraft, USA

Roll-Kraft has provided customers around the world with tube & pipe and roll forming educational seminars and services during the economic slowdown.... » More
E.H.Wachs Company
Small diameter low clearance split frame
E.H.Wachs Company, USA

THE latest product from EH Wachs, maker of the Trav-L-Cutter and LCSF™ Low Clearance Split Frame, is the SDSF™ Small Diameter Split Frame. The... » More
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