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SMS Group GmbH
PQF® roll dressing machine
SMS Group GmbH, Germany

With its new PQF� roll dressing machine, SMS Meer is offering international tube producers a further tool for highest costefficiency in seamless... » More
Contrôle Mesure Systèmes (CMS)
Detecting every flaw on tube, bar and wire
Contrôle Mesure Systèmes (CMS), France

Controle Mesure Systemes (CMS), a manufacturer of eddy current inspection systems, provides a full range of equipment for the inspection of wire... » More
Tube Tech International Ltd
Bullet cleaning system for condenser tubes
Tube Tech International Ltd, UK

Tube Tech International Ltd, UK, has employed technically-advanced methods to achieve high standards of condenser cleanliness at the Fiddler�s... » More
PJSC 'Khartsyzsk Tube Works'
Completion of technical reconstruction at Ukrainian tube works
PJSC 'Khartsyzsk Tube Works' , Ukraine

Khartsyzsk Tube Works (KhTW), Ukraine, is carrying out a major technical reconstruction of its manufacturing facilities, with the building of a... » More
Condat SA
A complete range of lubricants for tube applications
Condat SA, France

Condat specialises in the development of chemical products, including a wide range of industrial lubricants. The company�s range dedicated to... » More
CML USA, Ercolina® Inc
Bending at 20 per cent faster speeds
CML USA, Ercolina® Inc, USA

Ercolina�s CE40MR3 angle roll is capable of bending a wide range of tube, pipe and profiles to a centre line radius (CLR) as small as four times... » More
Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd
Wide range of centreless finishing machines
Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd, India

Grind Master, India, is the manufacturer of a wide range of machines for metal finishing, Established in 1984, the company exports its machines... » More
Meta Vision Systems Ltd
Advanced range of tube laser vision systems
Meta Vision Systems Ltd, UK

Meta Vision, UK, is a leading supplier of laser vision systems to the tube and pipe sector. In recent years, Meta has had particular success in... » More
Molecor Tecnologia SL
Latest PVC-O pipe production equipment
Molecor Tecnologia SL, Spain

Molecor Tecnologia SL, Spain, develops and trades PVC-O pipe equipment, and is a specialist in molecular orientation technology. The... » More
New-Form Tools  Ltd
Speciality metal cutting blades and systems
New-Form Tools Ltd, Canada

New-Form Tools, Canada, is a provider of metal cutting solutions to the tube, pipe, and rollform industries. The company has developed speciality... » More
Scotchman Industries Inc
Advanced feed system for fully automatic cutting
Scotchman Industries Inc, USA

Scotchman Industries, USA, is the manufacturer of an advanced feed system that is designed to turn a semi-automatic machine into a fully automatic... » More
Kanefusa Corporation
Product advancement in one-way cold saw blades
Kanefusa Corporation, Japan

Kanefusa Corporation, Japan, is a leading manufacturer of saw blades and industrial machine knives. With annual sales of over US$160 million and 4... » More
BLM Group UK Ltd
Tube laser contributes to sheet metal component manufacturer’s strategy
BLM Group UK Ltd, UK

BLM Group UK Ltd has delivered a new BLM Adige LT 712D CNC tube laser to Hydram Sheet Metalwork, UK. With over 30 years of experience in... » More
Pedrazzoli IBP SpA
Automatic cutting centre with intelligent motion system
Pedrazzoli IBP SpA, Italy

Pedrazzoli IBP SpA, Italy, manufactures the MCL 120 IMS automatic cutting line, capable of cutting round tubes with different sections up to a... » More
GBC Industrial Tools SpA
Three different product lines for pipe cutting applications
GBC Industrial Tools SpA, Italy

GBC Industrial Tools SpA, Italy, has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing portable pipe cold cutting and bevelling machines (1" to 60"),... » More
Reika GmbH
High performance cutting lines
Reika GmbH, Germany

Reika, Germany, is an international leader in cutoff machines for steel and stainless steel tubes. The company has recently received several... » More
E.H.Wachs Company
Portable tools for cutting and bevelling
E.H.Wachs Company, USA

EH Wachs Company offers a diverse line of portable tools for cutting, squaring, bevelling and facing pipe, tube and vessels of all sizes and... » More
Orbitalum Tools GmbH
Planetary cutting and bevelling solution
Orbitalum Tools GmbH, Germany

Orbitalum Tools GmbH, Germany, is a leader in the area of orbital metal pipe cutting and facing technology. The company�s GF 20 AVM is a... » More
Framag Industrieanlagenbau GmbH
Cutting machinery concept leads to increased sawing performance
Framag Industrieanlagenbau GmbH, Austria

Framag, Austria, has provided Qualit�tsS�geZentrum GmbH (QSZ), Germany, with an individual cutting machinery concept in order to process a... » More
Dee Tee Industries Ltd
Tube mill and slitting line tooling
Dee Tee Industries Ltd, India

Dee Tee Industries Ltd, India, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of tube mill tooling and slitting line tooling. The company�s products are... » More
Scotchman Industries Inc
Fully automatic hitch feed saw
Scotchman Industries Inc, USA

The Scotchman Industries CPO 315 HFA is a fully automatic, hitch feed, circular cold saw that provides uninterrupted cutting of tubing or solids.... » More
Hypertherm Europe BV
Portable plasma cutting system with maximum capacity up to 19mm
Hypertherm Europe BV, Netherlands

Hypertherm, a leader in plasma metal cutting technology, has launched a portable plasma cutting and gouging system, branded the Powermax45�. The... » More
Caleyron Industries
Solid carbide slitting saws
Caleyron Industries, France

Caleyron Industries, France, is the manufacturer of solid carbide slitting saws from a diameter of 20mm to 250mm. These premium tools are used to... » More
data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH
Effective design and engineering of roll formed products
data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH, Germany

data M Software + Engineering is specialising in the sheet metal bending and roll forming industry, offering consulting services and software... » More
Tube Products of India
Tube Products of India launches facility in China
Tube Products of India, India

Tube Products of India has established a new company in China located in Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province. The new company, named M/s... » More
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