Three different product lines for pipe cutting applications

PUBLISHED: 05 Nov 08

GBC’s orbital cutter
GBC’s orbital cutter

GBC Industrial Tools SpA, Italy, has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing portable pipe cold cutting and bevelling machines (1" to 60"), plate bevelling machines, pipe bevelling machines and hydraulic torque wrenches.

For pipe cutting applications, the company offers three different product ranges. The GBC supercutter (6" to 60") features a steel body, and heavy-duty, split frame. It is suitable for large pipe sizes and heavy wall pipes, including exotic materials.

The MCA cutter (1" to 30") has an aluminium body, lightweight, low profile, and split frame. It is suitable for all extreme onsite applications where high portability and easy handling is a factor. The GBC orbital pipe cutter (?" to 12") is a bench type unit, suitable for small wall thickness tubes, square and burr free cutting. It is designed for applications where a clean result is required, such as the food and semi conductor industries.

The company?s new stationary GBC FB 500 pipe bevelling machine is engineered for factory or shop pre-fabrication, and mass production, where a wide range of sizes and quick job execution is necessary. Featuring solid construction, rugged, strong motor and gear component, the machine is equipped with four speed selection, self-centring vice, auto coolant and chip removal basin.

GBC can also supply tailor-made machines, manufactured for specific purposes, as well as tooling for pipe cutting, outside bevelling (simple or compound), root face and counter-boring.

GBC Industrial Tools SpA, Italy
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Three different product lines for pipe cutting applications