Speciality metal cutting blades and systems

PUBLISHED: 06 Nov 08

New-Form shear blades offer a rate of 5,000-
11,000 cuts in difficult high strength tubing
New-Form shear blades offer a rate of 5,000- 11,000 cuts in difficult high strength tubing

New-Form Tools, Canada, is a provider of metal cutting solutions to the tube, pipe, and rollform industries. The company has developed speciality blades and cutting systems for high tensile and high strength materials including stainless steels and exotic metal tubing. The titanium coated speciality shear blades and jaws are impact resistant and wear resistant.

The company aims to remove the unpredictability in blade life, and provide solutions for those that have struggled with sawing and shearing issues. New-Form offer consistent saw quality cuts in varying size and wall thicknesses, with long life and high quality cuts of high strength steel tubing.

Examples from customers using New- Form shear blades reveal a rate of 5,000- 11,000 cuts in difficult high strength tubing 0.179" wall by 6?" diameter. Historically, these tube cutting numbers were unpredictable with numbers of 100- 800 cuts.

These results have been verified at one customer in mid-USA, saving in excess of US$1 million dollars on its tube mill from the actual scrap steel tube produced. New- Form claim that the cost of new blades and sharpening has been reduced by more than 400 per cent.

Total cost reductions in one tube mill line approached $1.4 million dollars per annum. In addition, the customer has drastically improved its efficiencies so that ample run time is available to run additional products.

In addition to these cost saving advances, New-Form Tools has developed patented quick change systems that dramatically reduce downtime in tube shearing. Tool package changes that would total up to 60 minutes have been reduced to as little as 60 seconds.

New-Form Tools offers standard and custom rotary knives for cutting applications. CNC centres prepare edges on knives that can be machined according to unique specifications. The company also offers affordable metal cutting solutions to the rollform industry. Manufactured from highly dependable FN99 steel, the company?s rollform tooling resists chipping and cracking, resulting in less downtime.

Produced with NFT100 high grade steel, the company offers highly durable slitter knives. Coil processors can achieve significant savings with chip resistant knives, providing increased production and reduced downtime.

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