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A complete range of lubricants for tube applications

Lubricants from Condat
Lubricants from Condat

Condat specialises in the development of chemical products, including a wide range of industrial lubricants. The company�s range dedicated to tube covers the applications of hot and cold forming for tube and bar in rolled, drawn, formed or extruded processes.

The extensive product range is designed for all metals, carbon and stainless steel, aluminium or copper as well as alloys. It includes graphite coatings, non-reactive pre-coatings, soap reactive coatings, dry soap powders, soluble lubricants, neat oils, greases and pastes, surface protection products and degreasing products.

Condat was among the first companies to develop a complete range of non-reactive coatings and to offer its customers an environmentally friendly alternative to conversion coatings (zinc phosphate, oxalate) for carbon and stainless steels. For tube drawing of stainless and carbon steel, Condat offers Supralub 35. This coating is applied directly onto the bare metal surface, without any previous surface preparation such as zinc phosphate. The eco-friendly, soap-based product does not contain any solvents or heavy metals, and does not produce any waste, such as zinc phosphate sludge.

The company has also developed a specific lubricant for carbon welded tube. Vicafil TF 498 A is a soluble lubricant with very low dilution ratio, high filtering ability and good stability. It provides improved protection against corrosion, reduction of gumming deposits, clean working environment and strong detergent properties. Vicafil TF 498 A combines an extended �in service� life with the ability to be used as a unique lubricant for the whole process.

In order to replace mineral base technology for aluminium tube drawing, Condat has developed a fully synthetic lubricant: Vicafil TFH 1644.

The first goal of such a product is to enable degreasing during heat treatment, reducing the cost of the process. Its low viscosity avoids excessive drag out of the lubricant, and so reduces consumption. It also eliminates the need to use trichloroethylene or other degreasing chemicals, thereby completely removing the degreasing stage, saving time and increasing productivity.

Residual left upon the tube after heat treatment is close to zero and no stains remain on external or internal surfaces. For aeronautic grades, TFH 1644 provides temporary protection. The formulation of the product has been engineered to be chemically stable and user friendly, to avoid irritation risks.

The technologies used in Condat lubricants are also found in tube drawing and forming processes, including specific applications such as pilgering, or final products such as seamless tubes.

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