First time in India for data Mís roll tool inspection technology

PUBLISHED: 12 Feb 09

The state-of-the-art Copraģ Rollscanner roll tool contour quality inspection machine
The state-of-the-art Copraģ Rollscanner roll tool contour quality inspection machine

For the first time in India, data M Software India has introduced a roll tool quality inspection machine to the tube and rollforming industry. data M Software India Pvt Ltd, based in Bangalore, is now offering Copra? Rollscanner technology for the Indian market including sales, training and scan services.

The state-of-the-art Copra? Rollscanner roll tool contour quality inspection machine has already achieved great success in Europe. With the Copra? RollScanner, deviations on the roll tool contour can be detected by comparing scanned results with the designed contour. Drawing of the scanned contour and deviation reports are generated automatically.

Based on several years of R&D, Copra? RollScanner has evolved to become a quick and simple to use roll tool quality inspection machine. Unlike other machines available in the market, Copra? RollScanner has been developed specifically for the tube and rollforming industry.

The advantage of the technology is that it is a non-contact type continuous measurement system with minimal human interference, thereby achieving the highest possible accuracies. Generally in the rollforming industry, it is necessary to maintain the roll tool quality within the desired tolerance in order to produce quality products. However, in reality the rolls are subjected to maintenance by reprofiling without the knowledge of deviations that have occurred due to wear during production.

It is often assumed that an accurate template can verify the quality of the roll tool contour. However, a template can only match and cannot measure the deviation in the contour. Thus, the resulting quality is more visual without being logical. With the option of a Copra? Roll tool database management system, the scanning of a roll tool can be an added bonus. Firstly, it is necessary to scan all the rolls in the shop floor inventory and put them in the database. This allows the user to track identical rolls from various projects, check the reuse of scrap rolls, and generate the drawing of a roll without missing a drawing.

Profile measurement comes as an added feature with the scanning enhancement option. Therefore, inspecting the profile quality is also improved. This development ensures that the tube and rollforming industries also benefit from improved roll tool quality.

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