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Haventrak™ flying shear for cutting expertise

The Haventrak™ flying shear from
Haven Manufacturing
The Haventrak™ flying shear from Haven Manufacturing

Haven Manufacturing, USA, has introduced an exciting addition to its tube cutting product line � the Haventrak� flying shear. Haventrak utilizes the speed and precision of the company�s �dualblade shear� cut-off head.

The system takes advantage of the �Utrak� length control system to deliver accurate, high quality, dimple free cuts on-the-fly. This innovative approach will provide improved production rates with increased accuracy at up to 250 FPM.

Haven Manufacturing has gained worldwide acceptance by producing high quality cuts on a variety of tubular shapes and materials utilizing the dual-blade shearing method. Universal Controls Group, USA, developed the Utrak length control system blending hi-tech electronics and simple mechanics to provide an accurate yet rugged solution to length control needs.

Haventrak� integrates two of the most recognized names and know-how in the tube cutting industry to provide improved quality and accuracy.

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Haven Manufacturing Corp.
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Haventrak™ flying shear for cutting expertise
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Haventrak™ flying shear for cutting expertise

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