New digital GMAW/FCAW orbital pipe welder

PUBLISHED: 11 May 09

Magnatech’s new completely digital GMAW/FCAW orbital pipe
Magnatech’s new completely digital GMAW/FCAW orbital pipe welder

Magnatech, USA, has introduced a new completely digital GMAW/FCAW orbital pipe welder, based on the successful Pipeliner brand. The new model was developed with the knowledge gained during many years of field experience with the original Pipeliner ll. The Pipeliner II system, using the forgiving flux core arc welding process (FCAW), has gained wide acceptance by pipeline contractors. Unlike systems on the market using the solid wire gas metal arc welding (GMAW) process, the Pipeliner ll has repeatedly demonstrated that it can meet both API 1104 and ASME code standards.

Contractors throughout Europe, as well as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates, have used the system for critical gas, oil and water pipeline projects requiring higher strength steels, such as X-70, X-80 and above.

Previous models used a floormounted push-only feeder, or mounted a smaller wire feeder and spool directly on the weld head. The new model utilizes a push-pull feeder for positive electrode delivery, while allowing use of standard 15kg wire spools.

The FCAW process allows heavier wall pipe to be welded (not possible with mechanized system using GMAW) as it does not require a special narrow gap joint geometry. The weld head is adaptable to pipes for 6-60". The digital model allows programming by position (degrees of rotation). A hand-held control pendant allows the operator to make changes in all parameters during welding to meet field fit-up conditions. Supervising managers can also password limit changes to each function and also limit the total magnitude of any change. For example, a change in weave width would be allowed, but only to a maximum of ±10 per cent of the programmed value.

The new system is sealed to IP23 rating for waterproof and dust proof operation on the pipeline right-of-way. This system is equally suitable for use on pressure and process piping as well as structural projects. The Pipeliner FCAW process is 12-18 times faster than stick electrode welding.

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New digital GMAW/FCAW orbital pipe welder