Roll-Kraft offers quick and easy training for tube & pipe and roll forming industry

PUBLISHED: 25 Nov 09

Roll-Kraft's “Profit Pointers” educational publication
Roll-Kraft's “Profit Pointers” educational publication

Roll-Kraft has created educational publications called “Profit Pointers” to allow tube & pipe and roll forming companies to instantly obtain information useful to their business. Each Profit Pointer emphasizes a specific area that has long been of concern to the industry.

Some of the topics include:

  • Eliminating Surface Markings on Welded Tube and Pipe – This Profit Pointer gives tips on how to obtain tube and pipe free of markings that often plague producers.
  • Selecting Advanced Tooling for High Quality Tube and Pipe – Learn about various tooling designs to allow you to achieve the best results.
  • Tube Mill Setup – This is critical basic setup information, including the importance of using a setup chart. Walk through a typical setup.
  • Tube Mill Alignment – Achieving good quality tube depends on proper alignment of the mill. This pointer outlines 10 important steps.
  • Roll Forming High-Strength Materials – Discusses important issues about materials, including deformation, elongation, and springback.
  • Preventative Maintenance Program for Tube, Pipe and Roll Form Mills – A step-by-step guide to maintaining the mill in its best operating condition.

“There’s no doubt about it, Roll-Kraft offers the best training program in the industry,” said Chuck Gehrisch, president of Roll-Kraft.

Profit Pointers are available on the Roll-Kraft website, There are many subjects covered, designed to educate and improve operator confidence. Each one can be read or printed from the site and used instantly for maximum benefit.

This instructional tool is only one training option provided by Roll-Kraft. Other options include customized on-site training, separately focused or combined tube & pipe and roll forming seminars, mill evaluations, mill alignments, and consultations. Whatever the need, these services can be arranged for individual training or training your entire team, and award-winning trained technicians and engineers will address specific situations and make recommendations for improvement.

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