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High performing lubricanting gel

Bending Gel: CONDAFORM BG 1636
Bending Gel: CONDAFORM BG 1636

With over 150 years experience in the lubricants industry, Condat constantly develops and improves its formulations. Condat’s dedicated Tube product range covers the applications of hot and cold forming for tube and bar in the rolled, drawn, formed or extruded processes. The extensive product range is designed for all metals, carbon and stainless steel, aluminium, copper and alloys. It comprises of graphite coatings, non-reactive precoatings, soaps, reactive coatings, dry soap powders, soluble lubricants, neat oils, greases / pastes, surface protection products and degreasing products.

At the Boru (Istanbul) and Tube (Düsseldorf) shows, Condat will present a new lubricating solution for the tube market:


Encouraged by the strong success with new customers, CONDAT launches this year its new Bending Gel, CONDAFORM BG 1636. This 100% soluble water based gel provides high lubricating properties and can be used on steel, stainless steel and aluminium tube forming (bending) applications.

CONDAFORM BG 1636 is also characterised by its excellent cleaning ability (water rinse is sufficient). This lubricant is free of SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern) and VOC (volatile organic compound). This odourless gel is user-friendly as its texture makes it easy to handle and clean.

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