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PUBLISHED: 05 Mar 10

ASMAG’s sawing line for brass billets
ASMAG’s sawing line for brass billets

ASMAG offers a very wide range of machine concepts in the area of saws and cutters. The high-performance metal circular saws are used for sawing of pre-material, semi-finished products and finished products. The robust structure guarantees vibration free machine operation, even when sawing large material. This leads to optimum cutting results and long saw blade service life.

One of the latest innovations in this area is a sawing line for brass billets. The sawing machine is arranged in-line with an extrusion press for brass tubes. ASMAG delivered this fully automatic sawing line with handling system for brass billets to a well-known European brass producer. The length of the incoming material is 2.8-3.2m and the diameter of the billets is up to 320mm.

At the end of the charging unit, the billets are automatically separated into the saw entry roller table. Before sawing, the billets are measured and the optimum dividing length is calculated by the control system. High cutting performances and vibration free operation of the machine are guaranteed due to the rigid robust design.

The sawn billets with a length of 280-900mm are weighed by the weighing system. They are lifted by means of a manipulator into the storage system with a capacity up to 400 billets.  

The inclusion of an integrated material tracking system allows billets to be selected by alloy and weight on demand from the billet stock. The essential benefits of the machine are: fully automatic operation of the entire sawing line; highest cutting performance and vibration free operation due to robust design; and ergonomic plant design and efficient flow of material.

ASMAG’s aim was to establish a pioneering technology in the sawing of billets, which meets with ASMAG’s general philosophy in developing its machines.

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