Roll-Kraft names roll failure indicators for tube & pipe and roll forming companies

PUBLISHED: 29 Apr 10

A recent addition to the Roll-Kraft blog is an article on methods to use to identify and avoid the problems related to roll failure. No company should experience total roll failure when it is relatively easy to prevent.

At the beginning of the process, consideration must be given to the range of material that will be run on the mill, including the maximum gauge and highest tensile strength, as well as the material of the rolls. High-carbon tool steel can become very brittle when subjected to long periods of abrasion and heat, and leads to surface cracking that can travel into the roll body and propagate. Rolls of carbide material are the hardest and will last much longer than alloy steels.

The next factor is the design of the rolls. Proper engineering and mill configuration is essential to avoiding roll failure. Once in production, a routine program for careful inspection and maintenance will help ensure the integrity of the mill and tooling. This should include a visual inspection and the use of a blade micrometer to measure root diameter wear.

Rolls that are overloaded or misaligned can be spotted by the wear pattern in the contour. The cause should be found, to determine if the rolls were set up improperly or there was a possible mill problem. Uneven wear can be caused by a design flaw that did not take into account the type of material to be formed or maximum gauge thickness. Roll bores and faces that are worn beyond normal limits can indicate shaft problems or incorrect set up.

These are a few of the issues discussed in the blog article. There are tips for extending roll life that will improve performance now.

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