Interlinked drawing line for steel tubes

PUBLISHED: 20 May 10

Asmagís 10 roll straightening machine
Asmagís 10 roll straightening machine

ASMAG, Austria, has finalised the commissioning of a new manufacturing line for steel tubes at Wiederholt GmbH in Germany. The new line allows an increase of output and a significant improvement of product quality. With a tube diameter of up to 125mm and a maximum length of 12m it represents the first interlinked production line of its kind in Germany.

After passing a hydraulic in-line pointing press the steel tubes are drawn on a 1,200kN two-fold draw bench with rack and pinion drive. The newly developed multiple pre-bench allows permanent availability of three different plug rod dimensions. A head and tail sawing facility cuts both ends of the drawn tube and chips are removed by a newly designed integrated blow-off device.

With the 10 roll straightening machine RRM-pro 125/420/10 ASMAG has released a benchmarking machine for tube straightening. The customerís straightness demands and even more challenging expectations are exceeded. Tubes are run end to end before undergoing ultrasonic and eddy current testing and being automatically separated.

A newly developed multiple saw, consisting of four single saw units, allows automated positioning of each saw depending on specific requirements. After a final visual check the tubes are joined automatically in hexagonal shaped packages.

The essential benefits of the new line are: material output can be increased significantly due to a high line speed and unstraightened tube ends are prevented.

A robust design and implementation of new ideas leads to an essential increase in product quality.

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