Finishing line for copper tubes

PUBLISHED: 31 May 10

The Asmag finishing line
The Asmag finishing line

ASMAG, Austria, a leading machine supplier to the non-ferrous metals and steel industry, has developed a new generation of finishing line for copper tubes in the diameter range from 12.7mm to 28.6mm.

The newly designed production line primarily consists of an automatic basket storage and handling system, double basket pay off, automatic pointing including plug feeding and inner lubrication unit, continuous drawing machine, two axis straightener, eddy current testing table, embossing and marking unit, rotary shear and a recutting and de-burring unit.

Tube feeding to the continuous drawing machine occurs alternately from two pay off tables. During drawing of one coil, preparation of the next coil can be accomplished at the second pay off table.

An automatic basket manipulator enables discharging of empty baskets and delivery of full baskets. After loading of a full basket to the pay off table the operator takes the tube end out of the basket. Without affecting the productivity of the machine, this quick and simple procedure can be performed at the operatorís leisure. Injection of lubrication, insertion of plug, dimpling of the tube, pointing and transport of the tube to the drawing die takes place automatically.

During design and development particular attention has been paid to minimising change-over times. Quick release fasteners and motorised actuators simplify and speed up change-over procedures significantly.

The high degree of automation of the line guarantees a consistent machine cycle time. This allows the operator to focus exclusively on tube quality checks. Automated basket logistics including alternating charging from double pay-off tables minimises auxiliary process times and ensures interruption-free production. An unprecedented productivity standard comes along with the high line speed.

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