Reika extends its range of finishing machines/lines

PUBLISHED: 16 Aug 10

Reika's new Ring Saw
Reika's new Ring Saw

After the successful introduction of precision multi-roll straightening machines in recent years, the Reika product range has been extended. The development of new multi-roll straightening machines for the tube industry has encouraged Reika to also develop a new machine-tool for the parting operation of tubes and bars.

The positive customer feedback of the various straightening line installations at tube mills worldwide pushed the Reika R&D activities forward. Reika, a member of the Gräbener Group, took over the assets of German competitor Procon in 2009.

Based on the existing Procon machines, and with the engineering capacity of the whole group, Reika developed a new machine line for parting tubes, profiles and bars. The Ring Saw will be available in the tube diameter range from 10 to 610mm and wall thickness from 1 to 150mm. The machine has been successfully tested in multi-shift operation at a reputed bearing manufacturer and an international group, producing tubes and tubular parts. The customers reported that the tool cost of the new Ring Saw will be 50%-70% less than conventional carbide saws, and that the performance of the Ring Saw is 20%-50% faster than conventional carbide saws.

The Ring Saw can be equipped with an automatic tool changer to reduce manual interference and to improve run time efficiency.

The cut is perpendicular and almost burr-free due to the tool design and the special cutting process. The machine concept is purely electro mechanical, driven by servo motors without any hydraulics, and therefore oil-free. The cutting process is dry but can be optimised either with a mini coolant system or full emulsion system.

As the machine bed is totally oil-free and designed as a closed water draining and reservoir area, there is no need for additional foundations apart from the basic machine fixings. The chip conveyor can be directly slid into the machine bed. The machine is totally enclosed with a safety and protection cover according to a state of the art machine-tool style. This offers full operator safety and environmental protection.

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