Pipeline Brushes

PUBLISHED: 18 Aug 10

Pipeline brushes from Lessmann GmbH
Pipeline brushes from Lessmann GmbH

Lessmann GmbH is a leading company in producing technical brushes. Among them are wheel brushes, roller brushes, hand brushes and others. Depending on the application and the customers’ requests different wires, abrasive nylon or diamond filament is used.

For the treatment of weld seams in the tube and pipeline industry special knotted wheel brushes were developed. They are ideal for the treatment of U- and V- weld seams.

Due to the narrow construction with a brush width of 5-6 mm also low lying weld seams in U- and V- welds can be reached. Cinder, scales and other contaminations are removed fast and efficient. Especially after multi layered welding processes and to recognise asperities on the seam the cleaning is necessary.

High tensile wires in combination with different construction characteristics used by Lessmann guarantee a long product life. The spreading of the filling material in the brush is 100% steady-going what causes a quiet product run and an unproblematic permanent operation.

Depending on the field of application brushes with high tensile steel wires or high tensile stainless steel wires in different wire sizes are deliverable. The types with stainless steel wire have green side plates. Different standard bores or threads adapted to the national and international technical requirements are deliverable ex stock.

The standard brushes are available in the diameters 100 mm, 115 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm und 178mm.

Custom-made products are available on demand. Using Lessmann brushes is very effective and time saving. The brushes have a high durability due to the high quality of the wire and they cause an eminent brushing result.

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