Packaging machines for tubes, bars and profiles

PUBLISHED: 21 Sep 10

Packaging machines from sema Systemtechnik
Packaging machines from sema Systemtechnik

The delivery programme of sema Systemtechnik includes feeding units, drawing benches, straightening machines, sawing units and testing lines, and packaging machines for tubes, bars and profiles.

The packaging units are designed for bars and tubes with a diameter range from 5 to 200mm and for profiles (hex, square, etc) from 8 to 50mm. Hot-rolled profiles and U-, IPB and special profiles can also be packed.

Round materials are usually packed to hexagon-shaped bundles. Hexagonal and square profiles are packed to square bundles, where hexagonal materials are packed on the edges. All other profiles can be packed nested depending on their cross section. Therefore these materials are automatically turned during the transport to the stacking station.

After stacking the finished bundle is transported across out of the stacking station. The stacking station can start stacking the next bundle immediately. The bundles can optionally be strapped manually or automatically. By using automatic operation the bundles are transported longitudinally. During the longitudinal transport the bundle can be wrapped with foil at the positions where the bundle has to be strapped with steel belt.

The strapping positions are pre-selectable at the operating desk. In other packaging combinations it is also possible to strap the bundles with plastic belt. Weighing devices can also be integrated into the sema packaging machines.

sema Systemtechnik also manufactures packaging machines for the copper tube industry. These machines are often small bundling machines where 5 to 20 tubes are collected into bundles and wrapped with adhesive tape. These small bundles are then collected into large bundles, which can also be strapped.

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Packaging machines for tubes, bars and profiles