‘Pipe Raiser’ cuts transport costs in half

PUBLISHED: 21 Sep 10

Dhatec’s Pipe Raiser system places one pipe above another, to reduce the width of the total load
Dhatec’s Pipe Raiser system places one pipe above another, to reduce the width of the total load

The European guideline 96/53 for transportation limits the width of loading on trucks to 2.55m. This results in individual pipe transports for diameters above 50". Feeling responsible to increase the safety and efficiency in the logistics of line pipes, Dhatec BV found a solution. By raising one pipe above the other, the width of the total load can be reduced. The ‘Pipe Raiser’ allows for two pipes of 50" to 60" on one truck, and thus reduces necessary transports by half.

Is the new ‘Pipe Raiser’ system safe? According to the TÜV Nord it is. Thorough testing was arranged with the help of Wagenborg and Europipe who provided the truck and pipes. In Dreierwalde, Germany, the system was tested according to the VDI 2700 standards during two days. The police witnessed the tests that included front and back braking, S-curves and U-turns in both directions. The necessary G-forces for nonlinear motion were reached in all directions (0.5G to each side, 0.8G to the front, 0.5G to the back).

The U-turns, in which the truck would have keeled over if it weren’t for the supporting wheels, were described as being spectacular. The Pipe Raiser and the pipes, however, remained in place at all times. The trustworthy system together with supporting calculations convinced the TÜV Nord that the ‘Pipe Raiser’ is safe for road traffic. For this innovation, which improves worldwide pipe transport, Dhatec receives a TÜV certificate.

The ‘Pipe Raiser’ is an extension of Dhatec’s system for pipe transport, ‘System88’. The endeavour for improvement of safety and efficiency in the line pipe processes makes Dhatec an innovative partner.

All of Dhatec’s products aim to ensure the quality of line pipes throughout the logistic process from manufacturing to coating, transport, storage, handling and construction. In addition, Dhatec assists project managers to organise the logistics of pipeline projects. The company’s knowledge and experience provides project managers with advice for damage prevention and on-site safety.

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