Roll-Kraft’s Welded Tube & Pipe Solutions Forum, Vol. 1

PUBLISHED: 07 Dec 10

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What’s the Problem?

What could be causing marking of tube in the fin section of the mill and weld box?

Probable Cause and Solutions:

There could be multiple causes for this problem. Some of the more frequent issues are:

  • Strip width too wide
  • Driven roll settings adjusted too tight
  • Driven rolls not parallel
  • Driven stands loose - check integrity
  • Driven rolls not set at metal line
  • Drive RPM not coordinated with breakdown and sizing RPM
  • Fin blade worn beyond tolerance
  • Side rolls setting adjusted too wide
  • Side rolls boxes loose - check integrity
  • Side rolls not set to metal line
  • Side rolls not centered with driven rolls
  • Side rolls not parallel
  • Check tube size between each driven and side
  • Analyze design for improper forming
  • Weld roll settings adjusted too tight
  • Rolls worn beyond tolerance

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