Rafter Ships Reconditioned Pipe Mill

PUBLISHED: 25 Mar 11

Top: RT-4000S Form Mill; Bottom: RT-4500 Friction Saw
Top: RT-4000S Form Mill; Bottom: RT-4500 Friction Saw

Rafter Equipment Corporation has shipped the previously reported reconditioned pipe mill (June 2010). Using reconditioned Yoder W-45 roll stands, the company added many new components to achieve a "like-new" pipe mill. New items included a strip entry table, an RT-4000S roll stand, machine bases, gear reducers with oil cooling units, transmission shift boxes, universal drive shafts, an OD bead trimmer with winder, a turkshead straightener, and a new mill drive control package. Also provided was a new friction saw cutoff with driven pipe runout conveyor.

The mill is capable of producing up to 5.563" OD x 0.300" wall (141.3 mm x 7.6 mm) OCTG energy pipe. Design provisions for future improvements such as all new RT-4000S roll stands and rafted sub-bases for quick-changeover were included. The line is expected to be operational by June of this year.

Rafter Equipment Corporation manufactures tube and pipe mills, roll forming machines, cutoff machines, auxiliary and other related tube and pipe mill machinery. Additional services include rebuilding and upgrading mill equipment. Originally started in 1917, the Rafter name is known for reliable, high-quality tube mill and roll forming equipment.

Rafter Equipment Corp, USA
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