A new steel alliance

PUBLISHED: 15 Jun 11

Meccanica Adda Fer strengthens its international position with the acquisition of SVM srl
Meccanica Adda Fer strengthens its international position with the acquisition of SVM srl

Meccanica Adda Fer srl, an important reality in the construction and sale of machines and plants for the electro welded pipes production and sheet processing, strengthens its international offer thanks to the acquisition of SVM srl, the historical society of Desio operating in the production of cold profiles and new pipe lines.

The investment aims to a more significant presence on the market in order to satisfy customers' needs, which are continuously evolving, and needs of those companies seeking a professional, reliable and technologically advanced partner. The operation has a strategic importance also from a point of view of strengthening the specific technical knowledge. Eighty years of experience characterize in fact the know-how of SVM technicians, who are today taking part to the Meccanica Adda Fer important structure. All that at the customers' service.

"This acquisition - said the Meccanica Adda Fer management - represents a strategic asset for our reality, in order to offer a better service and a greater know how in a market that is always evolving."

The all production has been moved to the 12.000 sqm industrial complex in Mapello (BG), where Meccanica Adda Fer has its head office and where the manufacturing plant, the assembly area, the warehouse and the showroom are placed.

Meccanica Adda Fer, with its all staff, is proud to continue this story begun in the first part of the last century, and it is sure to provide technologically advanced solutions to SVM customers, in order to improve their fidelity.

About SVM

SVM srl was founded in 1925, created by the businessman Giuseppe Vigorelli, famous for giving to Milan the velodrome, which bears still today his name. After periods of vicissitudes, in 1973 a group of members from the Brollo Cold Profiles company, at that time the world leader in the field, came into the property. In that way SVM srl marks a turning point, identifying its core business in the cold profile plants manufacturing and creating a different structure with the new management: the market and the customers leave the national borders, taking a definitive international connotation.

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