Molecor technology yields rentability to the water industry with its new technology for PVC-O pipes

PUBLISHED: 04 Jan 12

Top: Molecular orientation PVC-O vs PVC-U; bottom: PVC-O sustainable solution
Top: Molecular orientation PVC-O vs PVC-U; bottom: PVC-O sustainable solution

MOLECOR announces its participation at NPE 2012, the International Plastics Showcase. They will present its new technology for the production of PVC-O pipes at booth 40033. Additionally, they will present the conference entitled: “New full dry system developed for bi-oriented pipes brings excellent opportunities for PVC-O” as part of the SPE’s Antic 2012 Educational conferences being held during the exhibition.

The global crisis has brought new challenges to the water industry. The need for water infrastructure is ever growing, but the economic situation is forcing the lowering of the cost of products and installation, transmitting the pressure on installers and pipe manufacturers. At the same time, the global warming has pushed many governments to define policies looking for more ecological, environmentally friendly solutions on every activity. It is really difficult to find solutions that combine better performance, cost reduction and lower CO2 emissions. PVC-O pipes are today perhaps the solution that better fits this difficult equation.

Molecular Orientation is a physical process that modifies plastic’s molecular structure, where amorphous PVC-U structure is reorganized into a layered structure that confers outstanding mechanical properties to plastic pipes: impact resistance, fatigue resistance, flexibility, etc.

PVC-O pipes are an environmentally and friendly solution for water transportation according to the "Estimation of energy consumption and CO2 emissions due to production, usage, and final usage of PVC, HDPE, PP and CAST IRON" of the Department of Engineering Projects, UNIVERSITAT POLITECNICA DE CATALUNYA (Barcelona, December 2005). This report shows the CO2 emissions and energy consumption during the whole LCA (pipe’s life cycle) which includes raw material production, pipe manufacturing, and usage life of pipes for water transportation comparing PVC-O, PVC-U, PE and CAST IRON pipes. The report concludes that PVC-O pipes are the best choice for water transportation.

Molecor Tech has developed an air based technology in which no water is involved, which makes a safer, cleaner, more efficient and more profitable process. It is a very flexible system able to work continuously with an extrusion line, or to do it with batches.

The considerable enhancement of the mechanical properties results in less consumption of raw material for the same performance, and this is obviously very positive for all the players in the water industry. Less material means less oil consumption, but at the same time, more hydraulic capacity within the pipe, and more efficiency for pipe installers.

The range of products manufactured by Molecor’ Technology goes from DN 4" to 30" and up to 365 psi, opening the way to new and very profitable markets for plastic pipes, which were up to now closed.

Molecor's last generation of PVC-O technology allows simple transformations of standard PVC-U lines into PVC-O lines, bringing extreme savings for pipe manufacturers, and great benefits for potential pipe customers and end users that will welcome this high class and environmentally friendly solution in this global challenging situation.

Molecor Tecnologia SL, Spain
Tel: + 34 902 566 577

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