New trend in tube and pipe and roll forming seminars: plant consolidation

PUBLISHED: 17 Feb 12

Roll-Kraft seminar session
Roll-Kraft seminar session

Roll-Kraft, a leading producer of tooling for the tube & pipe and roll forming industries, conducts numerous training seminars throughout the country. Recently a new trend has emerged, as companies look to decrease training costs and improve efficiencies.

According to Robert Sladky, Vice President of Tube Mill Engineering, and Bret Molnar, Senior Technical Advisor for Roll-Kraft, "We are seeing a new trend in conducting seminars. More firms with multiple plants are consolidating their training programs and combining the attendees from multiple plants for their in-house seminars."

This not only expedites the training of entire teams of personnel, but saves the costs involved in having individual seminars for each plant. It is by far the most efficient plan for these companies.

Such was the case recently for two of Roll-Kraft's major tube & pipe customers located in the east and in the southern part of the U.S. Each customer has multiple plants running smaller mechanical tube mills, as well as larger pipe mills. Management from each location got together and scheduled back-to-back weeks of programs at key locations, which allowed them to split up the attendees from their various plants and still keep production running on their mills.

This consolidation process has proven to be very successful, and future programs are planned during 2012.

Other firms without multiple locations simply schedule the mills to be down for a single day for their in-house training. One plant manager stated, "In the past we always made the excuse that we couldn't shut down the mills to conduct training and kept putting it off. The fact of the matter is, we can't afford not to. It is just a matter of scheduling and preplanning. We are very glad we took the time for this training."

The key areas covered in the programs are mill integrity, alignment, tooling design, setup, tooling maintenance, and developing a standard for all to follow.

Attendees are invited to given their comments on the training session. Recent comments include:

"It brought more knowledge to me and will help me to be a more cautious operator. It also answered questions that I had and doubts as well!!"

"This training will be useful to evaluate failures on products run, by looking at the setups and also the tooling. It will help me train mill operators."

"This will help me significantly, due to being a new operator. It was very helpful because it covered and broke down all the aspects of the mill."

"It defines procedures that should be followed to be effective, but up until now, haven't been."

"I feel the instruction was very helpful to our operation here because there are a lot of things that we are doing wrong. Thanks. Very good class."

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