Orbital welding purge plug kits

PUBLISHED: 10 May 12

Orbital welding purge plug kits
Orbital welding purge plug kits

When Orbital Welding tube and pipe systems, there is often a variety of stubs, branches and other openings of all diameters that need sealing, to obtain that perfect internal Weld Purge.

For such requirements there is a kit of Weld Purge Plugs available especially designed for Orbital Welding. The kits as well as the plugs are designed and manufactured by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques.

The plugs are fabricated from white nylon which is a high quality, inert, engineering polymer giving high accuracy, a guarantee of sealing, a long life time and which is approved by the FDA for use with products for human consumption.

Orbital Welding Purge Plugs are manufactured for tube and pipe bores from 12 to 150 mm (0.5 - 6.0 inches) diameter with the expansion range of each plug overlapping the next, to cover the whole range of imperial and metric tube and pipe sizes.

The kit contains a number of each size of plug and is contained in a handy briefcases size carry case to allow storage and transportation of plugs for use on the job site in the vicinity of the welder.

More information from: http://www.huntingdonfusion.com/en/products/pipe-plugs-and-stoppers/orbital-welding-plugs.html

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