Ultrasonic rotating heads RotoUTscan for defects detection

PUBLISHED: 23 Jul 12

RotoUTscan for titanium tubes inspection up to 65 mm
RotoUTscan for titanium tubes inspection up to 65 mm

Contrôle Mesure Systèmes designs, develops and manufactures nearly 25 years a complete NDT range of products in eddy current and ultrasonic testing methods, which comprise high performance instruments and systems, probes and transducers, accessories, and complete turnkey machines with its mechanics associated...

Through its products and its remote assistance, Contrôle Mesure Systèmes provides, all over the world, quality and productivity solutions for industrial applications.

For high quality tubes from diameter 6 to 250 mm, welded or not, in stainless steel, titanium, zirconium, but also in carbon steel, CMS proposes a full range of ultrasonic rotating heads named RotoUTscan. Several UT transducers (up to 12) with different angles in accordance with the NDT normatives, are in motion arround the tube with heigh speed (up to 6000 RPM), for :

  • longitudinal defect detection
  • transversal defect detection
  • thickness measurement as well as OD - ID and validation

RotoUTscan are driven by a fast electronic UTR which is a high accuracy ultrasonic inspection system, for in line high speed flaw detection and dimensional measurements of ID / OD / thickness. Employing PCI architecture, instrument operation is made fast and easy via windows based inspection screens and intuitive dialogue boxes for ultrasonic setup.

RotoUTscan can be combined with other CMS equipments like EC rotating heads (RotoETscan) or magnetizing units with coil installed together in a strong control bench including centering devices. Supervision software named Probus (deduce to collect informations provided by N.D.T equipments), allows to display combined signals (UT / ET) and create inspection reports that can be used as control evidences for quality services and customers. Data stored can be recall for analyze and quality treatment.

Contrôle Mesure Systèmes will exhibit to Wire China (ICWEA booth) and Tube India 2012 (1I48 booth).

Contrôle Mesure Systèmes (CMS), France
Tel: + 33 385 941414
Email: contactcms@cmseddyscan.com
Web: www.cmseddyscan.com

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Eddy current and ultrasonic rotating heads for flaws detection
Ultrasonic rotating heads RotoUTscan for defects detection