Roll-Kraft participates in manufacturing Capstone Project

PUBLISHED: 10 Aug 12

Roll-Kraft recently joined with Mentor High School’s Capstone Project to introduce students to manufacturing. The project participants visited Roll-Kraft and went through a simulated transaction of entering an order and taking it through each step of the process to completion. They followed the order from sales to engineering, then to the factory floor for several processes, including cutting the steel, grinding, machining, laser etching, testing, polishing, and doing the final inspection.

Each student spent time in multiple departments in the office and in the factory. They also had one-on-one time with Roll-Kraft team members, who explained the process at hand, while the students observed the actual activities of the workday.

The Capstone Project is another link between Roll-Kraft and the community to connect students to various fields they may be considering for their future. These fields include inside, outside, and technical sales, design engineering, project management, and the many facets of manufacturing.

Students are often surprised by the technology involved in production. Most processes are performed by machines, with proper input from the operator. Roll-Kraft prides itself in keeping a clean, air conditioned, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, unlike the image of a dark and dirty factory that many students may have.

Roll-Kraft is a leading manufacturer of tooling for the tube & pipe and roll forming industries. Roll-Kraft tooling is very often behind the production of products used by the public every day. This is an industry that truly affects the lives of each person.

It is Roll-Kraft's goal to continue to encourage students to learn the skills that industry needs, to preserve these jobs for the next generation and their families. The company is highly involved in the Alliance for Working Together, to promote these initiatives. In addition, Roll-Kraft was recently honored for its community service efforts as the Mentor Business of the Year.

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