Financial Director appointed at HFT

PUBLISHED: 30 Oct 12

David E Rees, Financial Director at HFT
David E Rees, Financial Director at HFT

After some years of excessively dedicated work, David E Rees has been appointed Financial Director and Company Secretary at Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) based in their UK Headquarters.

David's appointment will add considerable strength to the UK team and the Board of Directors of HFT who manufacture Weld Purging Accessories for the welding of high purity tube and pipe joints for the processing industries, for critical joints in the aerospace industries and for large diameter joints found in stainless steel pipelines and pipe work fabrication.

In spite of international recessionary gloom, HFT continues to expand due to the ever increasing volume of orders from unexpected places such as Indonesia, Spain, Italy and the former Soviet countries.

Fortunately the Company's traditional markets in the UK, USA, Germany, Australia, Middle East and Far East are all performing excellently in addition.

Part of HFT's success has been due to the innovative products that have been launched over the last few years and with the additional new products that will continue to be launched over the coming years.

David will almost certainly be kept busy strengthening his financial team and working with his colleagues on the Board.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited, UK
Tel: + 44 1554 836 836

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