Driving PVC-O technology ahead during K-2013: PVC-O pipes DN 800 mm/30" and PVC-O fittings

PUBLISHED: 08 Nov 13

Mr Ignacio Munoz, Molecor TECH CEO, in the Molecor stand at K 2013 with a PVC-O elbow and the Solvin Award 2013 gold prize
Mr Ignacio Munoz, Molecor TECH CEO, in the Molecor stand at K 2013 with a PVC-O elbow and the Solvin Award 2013 gold prize

Molecor, a company specialized in technology and PVC-O pipe production for water conveyance, thanks all its customers, providers and visitors for the intense negotiations, market discussions and meetings in its stand at the K 2013 in Düsseldorf.

During the show the latest technical PVC-O developments were presented: the Integrated Seal System (ISS+), an automated process to insert the gasket automatically in the socket and the enlargement in the range of products, developing the technology to manufacture up to DN 800 mm/30", PN 25 bars/305 psi, the largest PVC-O pipe, both systems unique in the world.

In addition, Molecor organized a conference on the 21nd for targeted visitors. The event that gathered companies from the five continents was focused on the technical developments of PVC-O and the possibilities in the water supply market.

Molecor Tech CEO, Ignacio Munoz, formerly introduced worldwide for the first time ever the PVC-O fittings, also a unique development in the world. Owing to the market demand, the audience was astonished.

Currently the materials used are PVC-U or Ductile Iron, as there is no supplier of PVC-O fittings. The market possibilities for this new product line are promising.

Molecor R&D team has been working this year on the PVC-O fittings: elbows, reducers, repairing couplers. The prototypes have been validated and during 2014 the industrial development will be finalized. The PVC-O fittings will be available for Molecor licensees at the beginning of 2015.

Additionally, Molecor has the honor to win the gold prize in the Solvin Awards 2013. We sincerely acknowledge the recognition for our continuous innovations. Molecor is committed to continue in the same direction to present new developments in the next K 2016 edition.

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