Your only choice in North America for the highest quality circular saw blades

PUBLISHED: 17 Nov 13

High quality circular saw blades from New-Form Tools
High quality circular saw blades from New-Form Tools

New-Form Tools offers specialty blades and cutting systems for high tensile and high strength materials. For over 30 years, New-Form Tools has been manufacturing metal cutting solutions for the tube and pipe, roll form and coil processing industries. New-Form Tools titanium coated shear blades, jaws and roll-forming tools are impact and wear resistant. With durable tooling that resists chipping and cracking, New-Form Tools is your only source for the highest quality metal cutting solutions.

Today, New-Form Tools continues to be an industry leader and is proud to be your only choice in North and South America for durable, high speed steel and specialty high speed steel circular saw blades. As an existing manufacturer of cutting products, Jim Jantzi,

President of New-Form Tools, states, "We knew expanding our product line was the right decision. There is such a high demand in North and South America right now for high quality, long-lasting, circular saw blades and we knew this was a decision that our existing customers could utilize for their operations. We're more than thrilled to say that we now serve the whole tube cutting market".

From the manufacturing process, to regrinding and custom design, New-Form Tools is proudly supplying operations all across the world with their cost effective, high quality, circular saw blades.

We are pleased to also offer the following products:

  • Tube Shear Blades
  • Roll-Form Blades and Tooling
  • Hydroform Blades
  • Quick Change Tool Systems
  • Tube Cutting, Trim, and Forming Dies
  • Separator Discs
  • Tube Shear Jaws
  • Rolls
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Slitter Knives and Spacers
  • Break Resistant Fin Passes
  • Carbide Tooling
  • Shear Blades and Machine Knives
  • Tube Bending Tools
  • Rotary Disc Tube Cutters

New-Form Tools offers unlimited creativity for all of your manufacturing requirements. Capable of achieving the strictest tolerances, meeting demanding quality expectations, providing exceptional customer service, and consistent on-time delivery.

New-Form Tools Ltd, Canada
Tel: + 1 519 272 0921

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