AM Industrial acquires super high production low hour bending / fabricating cell

PUBLISHED: 22 May 14

Wayne Trail CNC Bending / Fabricating Cell
Wayne Trail CNC Bending / Fabricating Cell

AM Industrial has acquired a Wayne Trail CNC Bending / Fabricating Cell: 1" capacity, 3 head mandrel type electric servo auto load bender - hopper fed, pin stamp, mandrel, PDA, trim, expand, weld, overhead transfer.

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1" Wayne Trail #WTFMS1000RD CNC Tube Bender, (3) high speed electric rotary draw type bending stations, each 3-Axis with; 180 degree bend angle capability, pressure die assist, mandrel extractor & carriage for tube positioning, 1" OD x .083" wall tube (higher wall thickness reviewed by mfg.), 32" (approx) maximum tube length (longer tube length reviewed by mfg.)

FEATURES: Hopper type tube loading station, Automatic Seam detector, Automatic PC based pin stamper capable of (3) lines, Over head part transfer from hopper load to last bending station.

AM Industrial Group, LLC, USA
Tel: + 1 216 433 7171

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