Rafter ships RT-2000 weld squeeze box for Yoder M-2 tube mill

PUBLISHED: 29 Dec 14

Rafter RT-2000 HFI weld squeeze box (3-Roll)
Rafter RT-2000 HFI weld squeeze box (3-Roll)

Rafter Equipment Corporation has shipped a RT-2000 HFI weld squeeze box to a North American producer of mechanical tubing. The box is part of an upgrade to the customer's existing Yoder M-2 tube mill. The purpose was to provide stronger, more reliable design that was better able to survive the customer's relatively harsh environment and run higher yield-strength materials.

The weld box is sized for 0.625" to 2.500" (15.9 to 63.5 mm) OD steel tubing with wall thicknesses from 0.049" to 0.109" (1.2 to 2.8 mm). The design included optional AMPCO® aluminum bronze roll yokes for this materials anti-seize properties. Additional features were included to protect the sliding surfaces from mill particulate buildup.

In addition to the weld box, a custom machine base was provided to replace the existing weld area base. The new base was beneficial because it will expedite the installation process and insure good alignment of re-used upstream and downstream components.

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