Recently implemented Lean processes ensure on-time deliveries of Roll-Kraft's tube and pipe and roll form tooling

PUBLISHED: 12 Mar 15

Kevin Hartman - Lean Manager, Roll-Kraft
Kevin Hartman - Lean Manager, Roll-Kraft

Roll-Kraft has recently implemented Lean processes to eliminate common delays that hold up production. Many manufacturing procedures have been scrutinized, re-organized, and some operations have been relocated within the building, for better flow of the product through the factory.

Using Six Sigma techniques, each step of the process has been reviewed and non-essential operations removed. These changes have resulted in a more streamlined path and shortened lead times, allowing Roll-Kraft to strengthen the commitment to ensuring on-time deliveries to meet customer requirements, as well as maintaining the exceptional goal of first-time performance.

Roll-Kraft has consistently been a leading manufacturer of roll tooling for the tube and pipe industry. Lean processes, led by Lean Manager Kevin Hartman, who joined team in 2013, have been important to the company's goal, as improvements continue to be implemented at Roll-Kraft.

Lean process improvements implemented within the past year include: